Here's my story....

Looking back, I can hardly recall a time when music had no part in my life. From singing in the back of the station-wagon on family vacations to doing the Sunday morning solo at church to performing for thousands on a national level and, of course, to the countless weddings that I've taken part in - music has been integrated into every moment of my past.

I guess I started taking it seriously, though, when I was thirteen years old. I was told that I could not participate in the live recoding of an album because I wasn't a good enough singer. I decided then and there that I would prove myself to them. I got involved in choirs, tried out for and joined various singing groups... I even took a few singing lessons, which I soon quit because I didn't see a practical side to them, but that's another story.

My musical influences along the way include a rainbow of artists. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston are amazing vocal icons. Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, and Sarah McLachlan manage to capture the "soul", while Darlene Zschech's passion is eminent in every word she sings.

I am not an incredible musician, by any means, but God has blessed me and brought me from the determined 13-year old girl of years past... to what I am today...

and I can't wait to see what tune I'll be singing in the future.


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